The majority of our students have been to other colleges before enrolling in Summit Theological Seminary. Many have become so involved in the Lord’s work while at school that they have accepted located ministries before their Baccalaureate Degree was finished. They are completing their Baccalaureate Degree with Summit Theological Seminary.

Others have had to drop out of school for health or financial reasons, and Summit Theological Seminary offers them the opportunity of resuming their degree program without relocation.

Some of our students are men who were converted to Christ late in life, and they wish to become trained in the Bible and the practical ministry to serve the Lord more effectively. Very few of our students are young people just out of High School. The majority of our students are in the located ministry, and have transferred to us from over 150 other schools to continue their education on the Bachelor or Graduate level.

The school prefers the student to be teaching in some capacity in the local Church while attending Summit Theological Seminary. Though this is not mandatory, we feel that this is advantageous to the student in both his learning and communication skills. We feel this demonstrates that his local congregation has confidence in him as a committed believer, possessing the ability and desire to know and “Teach God’s Word to God’s World.” The students who have enrolled with Summit Theological Seminary come from 47 states, plus 29 students from foreign countries. The school welcomes any student, provided he or she demonstrates an open willingness to study God’s Word.
Who Attends Summit ?
FIRST - Class Participation
This participation is in resident classes. The rule of thumb is 15 hours of classroom per semester hour. This does not include outside assignments.

SECOND - Seminar Attendance
Seminars conducted by the faculty require 12 hours of instruction per semester hour, plus the outside assignments made for the class by the faculty advisor. In some cases seminars offered by other colleges may also be used to fulfill the student’s competency. Approval from the Academic Dean is needed before other schools’ credits are granted toward a degree.

THIRD - Equivalency Exams
These exams will cover the field of study in which the student feels that he is already qualified. These are one to four hour exams. Three credit hours are awarded upon the successful completion of the exams. CLEP exams will also be accepted by the school in particular areas of study.

FOURTH - Life’s Experience
The credit granted for life’s experience will be based upon the amount of experience the student has had in a field of study. These must be supported by credentials and will be included in your portfolio. The number of hours are limited to 10% of the degree’s requirements.

FIFTH - Correspondence Courses
Credits will be accepted from sources recognized by this school. Summit Theological Seminary will recommend Liberal Arts courses from one of the 64 fully accredited schools that offer correspondence courses for credit.

SIXTH - Travel
The school will grant up to 6 credit hours for those who submit an acceptable paper on their visit to Palestine under a Summit Theological Seminary approved instructor.

SEVENTH - Competency
This will be the major source of learning and requires that the student work with his faculty adviser in designing the learning program. This can be met by following a prescribed system of study or by taking classes from another institution of learning.

EIGHTH - Thesis or Dissertation
These may be required for the degree in which the student is enrolled. The school will not grant over 6 hours for either one of these research papers. These must be bound and approved before credit is granted.

NINTH - Internship
Students who desire to earn credit for internships must submit an application stating their desire to do so. Summit Theological Seminary will work with the leadership of the sponsoring Church in developing a constructive program for the student. Credits will be open and decided by a student adviser. Students must be recommended for an internship.

TENTH - Transfer
We accept credits earned from other schools that we recognize. Credits from “Diploma Mills” or Humanistic courses from accredited schools will not be accepted.

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