How Are We Unique?
The School is Unique in Several Ways:
  • First, it does not offer any liberal arts education. However, it does require a basic core of liberal arts for the Bachelor’s degree. These must be transferred from other schools that are recognized by our school.
  • Second, it does not have either a music or athletic department. However, some such courses from other schools may be used as electives.
  • Third, the school will not solicit money for its operation. The school will be funded by its tuition. Some unsolicited gifts may come from those who believe in what we are attempting to do. It is our belief that many share our desire to have a college level program with an emphasis on Bible.
  • Fourth, it encourages the student to be teaching in some capacity while he is enrolled. We agree with Seneca who said, “Men learn while they teach.”
  • Fifth, it is not necessary that the student take resident courses. Though some may take residence study, others may choose to learn by means of tapes, videos, and reading courses. Seminars are also offered for those who can attend. Francis Bacon said, “Reading maketh a full man, conference a ready man, and writing an exact man.”

In short, Summit Theological Seminary exists for one basic reason: We want men and women to be “Teaching God’s Word to God’s World.” Our degrees simply state that the student has seriously disciplined themself to prepare for the task. It is the most important task in the world!